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Congrats to our students on their fantastic Mandarin exam results

In June 2013, the Indo-Chinese Chinese Community School together with Taipei's Representative Office in the UK to hold the 2013 Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC), an internationally acknowledged Mandarin language test for non-native Mandarin learners age 7-12. The students' hard-work has paid off: the exam results were fantastic!

In order to pass the Srouting Level of CCCC, 300 hours of studying and at least 700 lexical terms is recommneded. For Blooming Level, 450 hours of studying and 1,100 lexical terms are required. Our students have been studying so hard for the exam, and the result is very impressive! There are 37% of students got 90 point in Sprouting Level (full mark is 100 points, and pass is 60points), and 65% of students got above 90 points in Blooming Level, whilst 6 of them got full mark, Hooray!!


Our Headmaster and mastress photo together with CCCC squalified students.